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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Static Distortion Presents: Project 2501


Coming Soon....


Project 2501 is a conceptual audio/visual cybercore band from Skopje, Macedonia.
The concept of their work revolves around cyberpunk and science-fiction themes, usually inspired by such literature and/or films.

The band members are as followed : 
Filip Petrovski - lead vocals, guitar, synths, programming
Ljupcho Spirov - lead guitar, backup vocals
Stefan Atanasovski - synths, guitar, backup vocals
Zlatko Andonovski - bass guitar, backup vocals

The band started functioning in April, 2011.
By June 2011 they had already recorded and released their first EP titled "Ashes 2 Ashes/Analog 2 Digital".
The EP was a self-release at first, but a short time later, as it gained attention from listeners and labels, it was re-released by Crime:Scene Records.
The songs structure and production was edited for this re-release.

During the summer of 2011, the band did local gigs in their home town, promoting their first EP as well along with other new material they had done at the time.

In July, 2011 they did a live performance on a well known Macedonian alternative/electronica radio show titled "Ako Nikoj Ne Sviri" which is on Kanal 103.

After this, the band went through a few line up changes, the problem mainly being - finding a suitable guitar player.
This issue was resolved around October, 2011 with Ljupcho, the current guitar player.
Some time after this line-up change, the band also replaced their original bass player with their current one - Zlatko.

On the 29th of November, 2011, Project 2501 had the opportunity to be one of the opening bands for one of the creators of the digital hardcore genre - Atari Teenage Riot.
This live performance was a part of the biggest Macedonian annual festival called Taksirat.

On the 5th of May, 2012, Project 2501 attended one of the biggest East European Industrial/EBM/Dark Electro festivals - CyberFront which is bassed in Kiev, Ukraine.
Headlining the event this year were the inventors of futurepop - VNV Nation.

In the numerous reviews of the festival, Project 2501's performance was described as :

"...the following performers on "CyberFront", were the band PROJECT 2501 from Macedonia,
who were somewhat different direction than the previous band. Their music was much heavier than that of UNITY ONE, and also stylistically diverse.
Some songs of the songs by PROJECT 2501 were closer to nu-metal, while others were in no way dilute to industrial,
but they were all equally expressive while performed very the charismatic vocalist. Unfortunately, the song titles PROJECT 2501 were not declared,
the flashing inscriptions like "Dehumanization can begin" and "More or less this world fucked" on the screen behind them,
you can guess the meaning of the songs..."

- author Valerija Sokolovskaja (Nas Neformat) link :http://www.nneformat.ru/texts/?id=7027

"...handed the baton to the next festival participants, the band PROJECT 2501 from Macedonia.
Fully justifying their status of the conceptual audio / visual cybercore direction, the boys completed their installation of a visual presentation of
destruction of the planet, missile launch personnel, damage to the DNA, diluted dark alleys and grim anime characters..."

author : Marija Albinskaja (AWPromotion) link :http://www.awpromotion.com/reportazhi/otchety/page2/id239-cyber-front-fest-2012


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